What's an e-shop ?

E-shop, respectively, online sotre is a special web application that nowadays replaces the necessity of going to the store - just look, order and pay online.

The basis of the e-shop's product catalog that operator offers its customers, which are categorized and can be searched according to set filter parameters. The law provides other necessities that each e-shop must include, as it is a business in electronic form - terms and conditions, contact details and much more (and the most recently also the new necessity of GDPR privacy).

It is necessary to realize the fact that e-shop is a form of business like any other and it is necessary to fully dedicate to it, a very important part is SEO optimization and perfect advertising settings - as Perry Marshall said "If you can't afford to buy customers then you don't own a business, but a hobby.
We will design the entire e-shop tailored for you graphically and functionally, along with SEO optimization and advertising campaign. Turnkey e-shop :)

What's the workflow ?