Who are we?

The company LUBAS Solutions s.r.o. is a family business operating in the IT and programming services. As spouses we decided to start a company and offer our capabilities and services to a wide audience. Over time, we managed to expand its range of other experts in this field and begun to meet the highest quality criteria.

Thanks to innovative solutions, we managed to get on the worldwide expat in South Africa and Moscow where we had the opportunity to present and establish new business relationships. Besides that, we actively operate in three countries and we have no problem with continuous communication in English.

The basis of our work is the family atmosphere. We try to keep this not only in our work team, but also in communication with you. This is what we consider to be the alpha and omega of everything we do. We believe that well-being at work leads both to the reliable functioning of our company and to the satisfaction of our customers.

We lead the whole company on the way to be the best, so that the customer is always happy. And we believe that we in fact are doing well :)

Barbora Barbora / COO Division manager
Short - Term Projects Division
“Never start a business just to "make money", start a business to make a difference.”

+421 949 040 609
Lukáš Lukáš / CEO Division manager
Long - Term Projects Division
“Never give up, usually the last key from the bundle opens the door.”

+421 911 423 754